Michael Guthrie

LL.B., BComm

Michael joined nem as a Partner in December 2008 and immediately melded into the nem culture, provided a lot of assistance to his colleagues and to his long list of business clients.

Unfortunately, Michael succumb to a short terminal illness and passed away on 7 November 2011. Michael is survived by his two daughters, Emma and Sarah and leaves his wife Heather behind.

Michael didn't just understand the nem way, he lived and breathed it - he added VALUE before focusing on fees, was always professional and built genuine relationships based on mutual respect.

When you dealt with Michael his sole purpose was to understand your need (not sell nem) and his presence meant he focused on the person he was talking to without distraction. This was a truly engaging capability which would have brought him long term commercial success at the firm he really did love.

Michael will always be part of what nem achieves as he contributed unselfishly to the very fibre that makes the firm unique - those of us that worked with him learnt as much as we gave - a true gentleman and a unselfish consultant that wanted to help others first.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends who are feeling his loss far greater than us but what we do know, is that in the fullness of time, the sadness and injustice that we all feel will be replaced by a long list of wonderful memories of past experiences.