Divestment & Private Equity

Since its inception over fourteen years ago, nem has assisted a wide range of businesses with their funding requirements, helped prepare businesses for the transition of ownership to related and third party purchasers, guided the financing options associated with such transactions and also assisted to secure private equity for expansion.

Recognising the limited number of options available to the large number of private businesses that require efficient and effective access to capital and to prospective purchasers, the firm has recently undertaken two significant initiatives. 

Divestment & investment assessment

For those businesses facing the succession issues which loom large across the private business landscape of Australia and New Zealand, nem has developed a Divestment Investment Assessment (DIA) which provides owners with an objective independent assessment of the saleability of their business and an indicative market valuation based on a variety of scenarios.

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The founder of Pixalux (John Matyear) was a former client of nem and a respected entrepreneur that invented a structural light panel which does not require a frame, utilises evolutionary twelve volt LEDs and is capable of diffusing superior light to the surfaces of the panel without generating heat.

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The wider Cook Beaumont Group is an experienced hotel and gaming operator with over 30 years experience and an asset base spanning over 25 venues. nem has been involved with the group since 2010, providing banking and finance support.

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SOCC is a purpose formed company established to implement, own and operate a fibre optic submarine cable covering 2,900 km between Sydney and Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, together with a further 450 km domestic cable linking Honiara to the two major regional areas of the Solomon Islands in Western Province and Malaita.

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Jamie Simpson