Meltdown and Spectre Advice

Ten years ago, and since, Information Technology Security Professionals developed methods to read the kernel memory of each assigned user account on a computer processor sold by a number of chip vendors.

These developers are not hackers nor criminals, they are researchers working in world government agencies, academia and computer companies.

These are called ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’.

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Measuring to Manage Growth in Profitability - Part 1

Most business owners measure growth in sales and are excited by higher results. High sales are often confused with success. Sustainable success only comes from generating growth in profit and it is increased profitability that generates more cash, pays for assets and ultimately generates wealth. To ensure profitable growth the measurement of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of your business is critical.

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11 Tips to Team Success - Infographic

You run a business and you are committed to its success. You have spent considerable time and effort recruiting a quality team with the right attitude, skill set and industry knowledge. So how do you lead this high quality team to achieve the desired results?

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Jamie Simpson
SME's – Provide great customer service – and prosper

We have all been there. The tradesman who doesn’t show up when he said he would, the call to the service centre that goes unanswered, or the waitress who is checking her mobile and not taking your order.

Increasingly customers are becoming more discerning and have more choice, so how do you improve customer service and your profitability? How do you turn customer interactions into repeat business?

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Business Evolution - Part 1

“When you’re green you grow; when you’re ripe you rot” said Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds. Business is a competitive game, and staying ahead requires continuous improvement and effort. The surest way to advance your company is being willing to learn from everyone and anyone. By staying green, you will avoid the curse of being an “expert” – knowing it all and having no desire to listen. You can improve yourself by reading, attending seminars, visiting trade shows, presenting at conferences, and otherwise interacting with knowledgeable peers and associates.

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