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Silence is Golden

We all know the awkward feeling when conversation is disrupted by a brief silence. During your next meeting, wait for a pause in conversation and try to measure how long it lasts. There’s a high probability – especially amongst English speakers – it will be one or two seconds max.

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SME's – Provide great customer service – and prosper

We have all been there. The tradesman who doesn’t show up when he said he would, the call to the service centre that goes unanswered, or the waitress who is checking her mobile and not taking your order.

Increasingly customers are becoming more discerning and have more choice, so how do you improve customer service and your profitability? How do you turn customer interactions into repeat business?

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SME's - Improve your Profitability through Employee Engagement

Research has consistently shown the link between engaged staff and increased profitability. However the facts tell another story. A recent UK a survey reported that only one third of British staff felt they were highly engaged at work, with only 48% saying they were only moderately engaged.

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Don't risk it alone! Advisory Boards Work

Being the Managing Director and also the major shareholder of a private or family company can be a lonely role. Staff are sometimes reluctant to voice their opinion and even when they do, the viewpoint is often influenced by the subservient employee position. An advisory board brings independent, considered advice without the negatives, for either party, of a statutory Non Executive Director.

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