Consulting Accreditation

Since commencing operations in Melbourne in 2000 the firm has grown to over 45 Partners all of whom have been trained in the firms’ unique and highly effective consulting methodology and approach.

Traditionally, the program has only been made available to those individuals who are joining the firm on an equity ownership basis. Equity participation requires individuals to make a six figure contribution towards their equity and to contractually operate under nem on a flexible, but permanent basis.

Making the firm’s training program more widely available recognises that there are a large number of capable individuals that wish to operate their own consulting practice, who do not wish to invest the equity required to join a firm like nem, but who are capable of subcontracting through nem. Many of these individuals could genuinely benefit from a deep understanding of the firms’ unique philosophies, consultative approach, its intellectual property and business development processes.

The wider accessibility of the program also provides nem with a pre-screened group of accredited contractors from which to call upon for a wider variety of assignments that would otherwise be unable to be serviced by the firm’s permanent Partner Group.

Those individuals that successfully complete the program will obtain a thorough grounding into how to provide valuable and sustainable consultancy services to mid-market businesses, the majority being privately owned enterprises, in addition to the more traditional top tier approach to assignments.

The training program consists of the following elements:

  • Pre-attendance briefing, reading and research,
  • Four day live in program (domestic travel included),
  • Business consultancy subject matter material,
  • Authorised ongoing use of the firms’ intellectual property,
  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching program,
  • Accreditation as a nem Associate,
  • Accessibility to the wider nem Partner group; and
  • Eligibility to attend nem bi-annual conferences.

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