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We usually start with a complimentary coffee meeting and VALUE Encounter. 

Our Business Advisory Services consist of reviews & evaluations, identifying agreed priorities & scope and preparation of organisation work programs. Monitoring and guidance of delivery is often critical to achieving the objectives and the firm is committed to such processes.  

Project Management activities on a full time or interim basis to bolster capability and accelerate outcomes.

Interim Management services that provide time to evaluate all available options and the right permanent solutions.

Coaching and Mentoring of executives, owners and aspiring managers.

VALUE Encounter Methodology

The cornerstone to an effective VALUE Encounter, whether the engagement is with prospective customers, networking to obtain new customers, or servicing the requirements of existing customers, is the relationship that you have with the party with whom you are communicating.

Not all relationships are the same; and not all customers are the same. Often when people operate in business they gravitate towards those individuals or organisations that they believe can help them the most, particularly when looking for new business opportunities or selling additional products and services to existing customers. This is a fundamentally flawed approach that can damage relationships and results in a significant waste of time and effort. 

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With a diverse and extensive network there are not many areas we cannot assess for our clients' benefit:

→ Hotels, Tourism & Leisure

→ Medical, Health & Pharmaceutical

→ Manufacturing, Supply & Systems

→ Professional & Financial Services

→ Retail

→ Government

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