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Trilogy of Trust

The "Trilogy of Trust" is our theory that if we add value to the party to whom we were referred, the referrer's relationship with that party will be stronger for the introduction.

The critical element is that we need to add real value, irrespective of whether we are commercially engaged. We respect the referrer's relationship with the party to whom they have referred us above all else, and do nothing to jeopardise that relationship as the bare minimum of our involvement. But the real objective is to add some value, which will leave the business favourably disposed to the referrer and the introduction to nem. When achieved our position, as a trusted third party, strengthens the existing two-way relationship. 

Three-way relationships are stronger than two-way relationships and will withstand more challenges and create more opportunities, for all the parties involved. 


9 Paradigms

The "Nine Paradigms" argue that there are generally nine areas of expertise required to take a business to its full potential.

Not all businesses can afford to employ experts across all nine areas and nor do they need to, as the owner and management are usually expert in three areas and competent in three. We do not try to add value in these areas; for one thing, the owners' and management's expertise in three areas is probably greater than ours.

In their three areas of competence they would call for assistance from their service providers when needed. We do not compete with existing service providers and prospective referrers. We operate in the areas where businesses are poorly resourced or weak; in areas in which they lack visibility. 


Johari Window

The "Johari Window" as applied by nem is a pattern that shows us how all knowledge falls into four quadrants that allow us to accept as a fact that there are things we know and things we do not know.

nem developed a proprietary review process from this, which quickly identifies the business' hidden potential and the priorities required to achieve it.

The review process can be applied to businesses of varying size and complexity. It can also be a project scoping framework for complex projects and programs. 

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