With a diverse and extensive network there are not many areas we cannot assess for our clients' benefit.

 Hotels, Tourism & Leisure

nem Hotels, Tourism & Leisure (“nem HTL”) brings together a specialist team of hotel industry professionals with many years of senior level experience.

The team has worked for hotel owners and operators in private and public companies across the Asia Pacific region, together with fellow nem Partners who have specialist functional skills applicable to the hospitality sector.

→ Medical, Health & Pharmaceutical

The Medical, Health & Pharmaceutical industry sectors are dynamic and complex with many interdependencies that determine the quality and success of the outcomes for stakeholders.

nem has brought together a unique team of experienced professionals that are motivated by helping all stakeholders overcome their challenges, achieve their goals and maximise the returns on their investments.

→ Manufacturing, Supply & Systems

Businesses are operating in a constantly changing landscape of competing resources requiring participants to; embrace technology, understand their processes from end-to-end and develop an agile and inclusive workforce.

nem has an unparalleled team of experienced Partners that are committed to making a positive difference to the businesses they assist.

→ Professional & Financial Services

Engaging the right people that provide the right services, at the right time can often propel a business forward and accelerate its momentum. As a professional services firm, relying exclusively on referrals, nem is committed to making a positive difference to the businesses it assists.

→ Retail

Successful retail businesses and successful retail centres need to remain agile, perceptive to market disruptions, be aware of the impact of technology and most importantly, have an intimate knowledge of the changing needs of its customer base.

nem Retail brings together a team of partners with a unique collection of experience in migrating, developing, operating and selling retail businesses in Australasia.