nem Training

nem is one of the largest boutique business consultancy firms operating throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The firm specialises in providing organisations and individuals with the skills, resources and processes necessary to grow their businesses and optimise their performance and value.

This is achieved through the firm’s unique consultative model and a number of structured training programs that utilise the proprietary intellectual property of the firm.

The firm runs standard programs for organisations and individuals on a periodic basis in addition to tailored programs for specific requirements.

The firm’s programs include:

Consulting Accreditation

This train the consultant program is designed to provide individuals, that have a desire to consult into industry and the private enterprise market with the skills, intellectual property and processes required to successfully grow their consultancy business. This can only be achieved through the sustained delivery of value added outcomes.

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cama Sales Program

This program assists businesses’ that want to grow to focus on those products or services, and market segments, that will provide them with the greatest commercial outcome in the shortest possible time frame.

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VALUE Encounter Methodology

The VALUE Encounter Methodology recognises the importance of relationships when undertaking business development and networking and delivers a framework that accelerates sales outcomes.

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Business Realisation

For those businesses facing the succession issues, which loom large across the private business landscape of Australia and New Zealand, the nem business realisation program takes participants through the firms Divestment Investment Assessment (DIA). 

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Networking Redefined

This program provides participants with the understanding, knowledge and skills to more effectively network for business development purposes. Based on Doctorate research the approach that is applied in this program is counter intuitive and trains participants to more effectively recognise opportunities, generate leads and develop long term referral relationships.

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