Why are we different?



nem thinks differently from conventional consulting firms. We understand what business owners want: quick results that generate profits and positive outcomes while building on the value of the business. We know there is no point trying to engage commercially if we cannot add value. As a result, we do not approach prospective clients by telling them what we do and how we do it: instead we ask questions, listen, and try to determine if we can genuinely help.



nem works differently to conventional consulting firms. We often commence work without commercial engagement letters and sometimes without any agreed fee.

We operate without subordinates and refuse to establish a leveraged staff structure; businesses deal with partners only, and together through developed proprietary tools and processes we identify the hidden value and potential of the business.



nem behaves differently. We rely almost entirely on a network of referrals from people we know and trust. We are collaborative and responsive to even the most minor request from within that network. We are outcome-focused.

We do not overtly sell our services. We leverage our network of relationships and respect the relationships of others. We apply our VALUE Encounter Methodology to everything we do.  

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